SIGNED Sophocles Summer Mini Disc

SIGNED Sophocles Summer Mini Disc

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Even the Romans threw disc(us)es? You don't have to be an Olympian to throw this puppy. Designed by Miles Benksy, the Sophocles Summer design is printed in with holographic, color-shifting jellybean tones that are gauranteed to catch the light and the eyes of your fellow howlers. 

Our Sophocles Frisbee is 8.5 inches round and printed on a Gateway Brand Lightweight Putter Wizard blank. We chose this disc because it's a traditional, PGDA approved putter that is comfortable in the hand and 

For the disc golfers in the pack: The Wizard is a true, stable workhorse putter. It holds whatever line you throw it on with very little fade during its drop. It also works as a great putter in windy conditions and handles controlled power very well. This makes it an excellent choice off the tee for mid-range drives in addition to upshots.

  • Limited Edition of 200
  • 8.5 inches round
  • Color Shifting Sophocles Summer design by Miles Benksy
  • PGDA Approved Putter
  • Soft enough to toss with children or pets