The whole gorydamn point of this project was to give us the opportunity to collaborate with amazing artists and expand the Red Rising world. It's been a wild ride, and we've loved every minute. Without further ado, here are our official collaborators....so far. 

-Pierce & Joel


Connor Haygood / King Charles Forge

Collaborations: Sling Blade Pendants

Located in Chapel Hill North Carolina, King Charles Forge is the sole proprietorship of Connor Haygood.  Connor first studied with @warfireforge and began making independent works in 2017.  Specializing in recreating medieval and fictional weapons, Connor is always up for the next commission, working with his customers to bring their vision to an authentic and battle ready reality. Connor departs for the University of Stirling, Scotland, in the fall to begin his formal study of medieval and military history. He will return to his home forge in the Spring of 2022 and will continue his studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For more information contact @KingCharlesForge



Collaborations: Omis Vir Lupus Acid Dyed Tshirt

PB (a name given by her nephews) is a North Idaho introvert that belongs on an island somewhere, sipping fresh roasted coffee and doodling nonsense. When not wandering the mountain trails with her dog, 60 feet below the waterline looking for shells, or ignoring text messages, you’ll find her holed up in her studio bringing science fiction characters to life.


Alexis | Nerdy Ink 

Collaborations: Thoughts On Love (And Other Gorydamn Nonsense)

Alexis is a hand letterer, illustrator, author, and book lover. Her creative world revolves around words--written, spoken, or drawn. She is the owner and creator of Nerdy Ink, which specializes in redesigning the covers of favored books and bringing quotes from favorite fandoms to life in the form of art.