You're the Sevro to my Darrow Magnet

You're the Sevro to my Darrow Magnet

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We also had to make it a magnet.... This one is for your fav flave... your ride or die. Created in response to a poll asking your favorite Sevro/Darrow bromance moment, this year's Red Rising Valentines Day Card features  a subtle reference to iconic moment below:

  • Edition of 100
  • Magnetic AF
  • 5.5 x 4.25 in
  • Designed by Emily Chase

Sevro.” I lean forward. “Your eyes...”
He leans in close. “Do you like ‘em?”
“Bloodydamn. Did you get Carved?”
“By the best in the business. Do you like ‘em?”
“They’re bloodydamn marvelous. Fit you like a glove.”
He punches his hands together. “Glad you said that. Cuz they’re yours.”
I blanch. “What?”
“They’re yours.”
“My what?”
“Your eyes!”
“My eyes...”
“Do you want the eyes back?” Sevro asks, suddenly worried. “I can give them back.”
“No!” I say. “It’s just I forgot how crazy you are.”
“Oh.” He laughs and slaps my shoulder. “Good. I thought it might be something serious. So I’m prime keeping them?”
“Finders keepers,” I say with a shrug.