THE ADDIE DROP: March 24 at Noon, CST

Operation Hazard Bedlam

Lo Howlers,

Welcome to Operation Hazard Bedlam.

This game is the brainchild of Joel's recent trip to LA to visit Pierce. It is quite dastardly. It should be. It was inspired by you, Howlers. You who make the Red Rising world and community such a wonderful place to cohabitate. We hope that it's a rip-roaring blast, that it inspires mischief and prime experiences. But, most of all, we hope that this game helps grow the sense of fellowship and friendly competition that Howlers all over the world exude with such delightful abandon. 

Thanks for playing. 

-Pierce & Joel 


IMPORTANT: To participate in Stage 02 of Operation Hazard Bedlam, you MUST fill out the Waiver and Release of Liability Form, located here



Who doesn't love a little bit of gambling?

Stage 01 is simple. A set percentage of the stickers have been pre-stamped on the back side. If you are lucky enough to receive a stamped sticker, you automatically win a prize. Additionally, an even more select set of participants will receive a red misprinted sticker, which means they truly won the lottery and will receive an even more delicious prize.

If you find yourself to be a lucky sticker holder of either variety, simply shoot us an email at with a photo of the sticker, your shirt size, and your mailing address.

Stage 01 Prizewinners will have until August 1, 2021 to email us to redeem their sticker.


PRIZE 01: All stamped gamepiece holders will receive a special, custom printed Primus t-shirt commemorating their prominence in the field of being lucky AF.

PRIZE 02: All misprinted sticker holders will receive an official Howler name courtesy of Pierce Brown himself—after you have submitted a dossier to help his naming, otherwise he may have to pull a name from a hat—and a howler shirt signifying their induction to the OG Howlers, Red Rising's infamous and deeply loved own group of misfits.



Wolves mark their territory.


IMPORTANT: To participate in Stage 02 of Operation Hazard Bedlam, you MUST fill out the Waiver and Release of Liability Form, located here

You will not be eligible to participate in Stage 02 or to receive prizes of any kind if you do not fill out the release. 


Stage 02 is the fun part. From August 1-7, 2021, participants will post photo(s) on instagram of a sticker (or many stickers) they have placed out in the real world. Stage 02 was inspired by community, and our hope is to get enough folks participating that avid readers start to see stickers left by fellow Howlers in random places all over the world. Let's make it happen.

Please stick responsibly:

We are by no means asking you to place stickers anywhere that breaks any laws or puts you in any danger. Participating in this game is entirely at your own risk, and your placement decisions are entirely your own. 

Please don’t stick on the front of signs – the authorities get a bit more touchy when safety is involved… or tourism… or the economy is affected.

There are plenty of places you can legally place your stickers. Like everything you own and anywhere you can join a grouping of other cool stickers. Many bars, sport shops, clubs are happy to add to their sticker collections and decor… just ask if they’ll include your sticker.


How it works:

To be eligible to win a prize, participants will place the stickers out in the world on objects, people, places or things that correspond, are related to or otherwise inspired by the following 5 Themes (See Themes below). Physical placement of stickers can start any time between now and August. Once the sticker is placed, the participant will snap a photo of the gamepiece in (on?) its new forever home. To participate, the actual instagram post(s) must occur between 12am August 1 and midnight August 7. Each post much be hashtagged with both the overall game hashtag (#hazardbedlam) and Theme hashtag you are aiming for.

Rule Update #1: To be eligible to win you must like at least one post that is NOT yours in every theme. 

Rule Update #2: No tagging/using engagement groups

Rule Update #3: No trolling, angry ranting or general assholery on anyone else's posts. If it's not nice, don't say it.

Rule Update #4: No purchasing likes. We will be checking.

**Please note: for us to be able to see your posts (and thus for you to be able to play) your instagram profile must be public and you need to make actual posts (not instagram stories). 

At the end of the game period there will be four winners for each Theme. All 20 winners will receive a prize commemorating their utter decimation of all competition. What is the prize for winning? Let's just say they will signify dominance. 

Group 01 / (15 Winners): The top three posts in each Theme will be selected by popular vote via the simple metric of most likes on a post. We realize that these sorts of "voting via like" competitions can go off the rails, but we are betting that Howlers are a different breed and that everyone who participates will enjoy the process of exploring the hashtags and voting for their favorites.

Consider this a call to honor. 

Group 02 / (5 Winners): We realize that democracy can quickly descend into mob rule (hiccup, hiccup, vox populli), which is why a final winner from each Theme will be selected by Pierce and Joel based on creativity, difficulty, ingenuity and originality.

Be witty. Be daring. Be creative. Be bold. 


THEME 01: Movement 


This one is for Darrow, of course. Think moving things. Energy. Speed. Pit viper fast. Or ice age slow. Bonus points for difficulty.


THEME 02: Marginally Unsanitary


Honestly, we are sort of terrified to see what ya'll do with this one. Cackling, delighted and terrified all at the same time.


THEME 03: Gold AF


Think high falutin', 24 karat gold toilet sort of vibes on this one. Upperclass society will never know what hit them.


THEME 04: Taller than a Telemanus 


Go for height. Perspective. Eagle eye views. PSA: If someone puts a sticker on top of Mt. Everest they automatically win all the things and everyone else can go home early. 


THEME 05: Softer than Sophocles


Think furry. Fuzzy. Cute but ferocious compatriots. 


Adjacent is just fine.






Q: Are you condoning illegal activity with this game?

A: Absolutely not. Please don't do crimes.


Q: What happens if I just decide I want to keep my sticker(s) to myself after all?

A: Go right ahead! However, we'd still love it if you peruse the hashtags and vote between August 1st and 7th. 


Q: How many stickers/posts can I enter with? 

A: As many as you have time, energy and interest in sticking on things. 


Q: Can I win in multiple themes? 

A: Most definitely. 


Q: Can I place the stickers prior to August 1st?

A: Absolutely. The week-long posting window is for the posting portion only, and exists primarily so that we can make sure we are able to see every post. Feel free to get ahead of the game and do the physical stickering any time between now and gameweek. 


Q: Why do I have to post on instagram to participate?

A: We wanted to make this communal. More practically, this was the only way we could think of that would easily allow everyone to see and interact with everyone else's stickering.


Q: Can I post videos instead of (or in addition to) photos? 

A: Yes please! But make sure it's an actual post, stories don't stick around long enough for us to see them.


Q: Will Pierce and Joel REALLY look at all the posts hashtagged in each category?

A: Hell yes. We can't wait.