Want a signed copy of Red Rising? Now's your chance.

SIGNED Golden Son Hardcover Pre-Order
SIGNED Golden Son Hardcover Pre-Order
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SIGNED Golden Son Hardcover Pre-Order

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For the sake of Pierce’s sanity and the fact that we want to make sure that each and every book gets the personal attention needed from Howler One, we are sorry to say that we are going to have to end the personalized book sale earlier than intended.

Your response to this has been incredible and we are over the moon — we simply don’t have the space, staffing, or carpal tunnel medicine to handle a single book more.

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated, we can’t wait to get these special books in your hands.


Pierce & Joel


You asked and we are finally delivering. One signed hardcover copy of Pierce Brown's Golden Son, published by Del Rey. 

  • Title page signed and personalized by Pierce Brown
  • Map Illustration signed by Joel Daniel Phillips
  • Custom Lit Escalates Bookstamp
  • Exclusive Surprise Golden Son themed bookmark



1. Personalizations: As a default, all books will be personalized and all personalizations will be made out to the FIRST name on the shipping address. 

However, if you wish to have some or all of your book(s) personalized to a different name (or not personalized at all) please let us know in the "Add a note to your order" box in your shopping cart.  PLEASE NOTE: This box is to change the personalization name only. Due to the volume of orders, we are sorry to say that we can no longer accept additional phrases or dedications.

2. Timing / Quantities: It's a presale! Instead of our usual drop approach, we wanted to make this available to as many folks as we could... so we are doing this as a pre-sale, and we will honor all orders within the order window! Signed books will be available to purchase from April 5th at noon until April 12th at noon ONLY, after which we will order said books and ship Pierce in a box to Tulsa to sign them all.

Orders will ship to customers in early June, and you will receive a shipping notification from us with tracking info when they go out!

3. Can I send in my own copy instead? Sadly, no. This is also due to logistics and shipping chaos -- the process of shipping, tracking, receiving and re-shipping hundreds of unique books without getting anything mixed up is just too much for our small team right now.

4. What about books 4-6? Those are up next! Stay tuned.